Zum Beispiel


Aukioloajat näet täältä.



In addition to our summer menu (below) we offer an all-day breakfast as well a lunch menu from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm.

You can make a reservation here.



The rolls are homemade organic pambazos baked with sourdough.

All our hamburgers are also available gluten-free.  ­
The sauces can be swapped according to taste.

Lady Burger (open burger): Black Angus minced meat steak, ­cheddar, carrot salsa, Mediterranean salad (L) 19 € Also available with grilled chicken breast.

Gent’s Burger: Black Angus minced meat steak, ­cheddar, carrot salsa, French fries, salad 19 € Also available with grilled chicken breast.

Spinach Burger: Cauliflower & leaf spinach steak, parmesan, spicy feta sauce, French fries, salad 19 €

Starters, salads and soups

Zum Antipasti: A selection of Zum delicacies – includes cheese, meat and vegetables 12 € / 20 €

Caesar salad (contains sardelles )19 € + one filling: organic falafels made from local peas / tiger prawns / country chicken / salsiccia / salmon / fried organic tofu with herbs       

Riviera tomato soup, ewe’s feta, basil oil  11 €

Mexican meat soup 13 €

Steak Sandwich: Warm foccacia, basil mayonnaise, Black Angus steak, French fires, salad 24 €

MAIN COURSES                   

Large mezze salad 15 € + for additional charge: organic falafels made with local peas / tiger prawns / country chicken / salsiccia / salmon / fried organic tofu with herbs  + 5 € / filling

Zum Erdbeer salad: Colourful summer salad, strawberries, pecorino, avocado, melon, Riviera tomato, basil, taggiasca olives 20 €

Lobster Risotto: Vialone Nano rice, sparkling wine, lobster bisque, tiger prawns, parmesan, salad 23 €

Primavera risotto: Vialone Nano rice, sparkling wine, garlic, broccoli, peas, leaf spinach, goat cheese, salad  21 € Ask for a vegan version.

Pasta al petto di pollo al limone: Homemade organic pasta, organic lemon, country chicken, cherry tomatoes, cream, herbs, parmesan, salad 18 €

Zum Beispiel pasta: Homemade organic pasta, prosciutto, ricotta salata, pomodorino, salad 18 €

Zum avocado pasta: Homemade organic pasta, avocado, tiger prawns, fennel, chili, garlic, parsley, salad 20 €  Ask for a vegan version.

Zum Siracusa pasta: Homemade organic pasta, grilled aubergine, chili, capers, sun-dried tomato, basil, garlic, marinated borretane onions, leccino olives, salad 18 €

Summer herb marinated salmon, local potatoes, leaf spinach sauce, vegetables, salad 20 €

Goat cheese gratinated country chicken breast, chimichurri sauce, vegetables, French fries, salad  20 €

Black Angus Tafelspitz, carrot salsa, French fries, organic wine sauce, vegetables, salad 27 €

Finocchio alla parmigiana: Roasted fennel, pomodorino, garlic, parmesan, salad 19 €

Zum Falafel: Organic falafels from local peas, hummus, zhug salsa, grilled aubergine, black rice, leccino sauce, vegetables 19 €


Blueberry cheese cake 4 €

Chocolate crumble cheese cake 4 €

Passion fruit & yoghurt chocolate cake 6 €

Warm apple strudel & a choice of an ice cream 8,5 € with adult ice cream*  10 €

Freshly made ice cream of the day* 3,5 € / scoop

Adult ice creams and sorbets * 5 € / scoop

* We make all our ice creams ourselves without emulsifiers or ice cream mixtures. Ask for the ice cream selection of the day. Adult ice creams contain alcohol and cannot be sold or served for under 18-year-olds.

All our ice creams are lactose-free.